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Mycon exists to resolve marketing issues, challenging client organisations on how to address changes for themselves in competitive boundaries and new business models.

Although the style of consultancy - task, process, knowledge transfer or adviser / counsellor - depends on the issue to be resolved, the consulting process and management of the client-consultant relationship remains consistent and quality driven for individual assignments.

At all stages, Mycon prides itself on ensuring that the client is engaged and fully supportive of the project by building and maintaining good relationships at different hierarchical levels within the organisation.

Why not engage with Mycon now? Contact us to tell us what your particular issue is, or request a Marketing HealthCheck survey to establish the current status of your marketing, and what you need to do to move it forward.

Mycon's strategy and planning services

Mycon has a range of services specifically designed to assist with strategic marketing and business issues: Audits, Strategy Review and Development, Marketing and Business Plans and assistance with Implementation through systems development and staff training.

Special packages include our intensive Planning and Strategy Workshops for your management team.

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