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Using intelligence and research is a process through which organisations attempt to achieve, systematically and with the support of data, the answer to a question, the resolution of an issue, or greater understanding of a particular phenomenon.

Mycon utilises a full range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, tools and techniques, and research skills to scope, design, fulfil, analyse and interpret facts and figures, observations, opinions and attitudes into knowledge to provide both a precise and contextual answer to the research issue. Follow-on strategic and action planning services are also available.

If you want professionally managed research to help you answer key questions in all marketing areas of your business, contact us now to arrange a no-obligation research briefing meeting with a Mycon representative.

Did you know research grants are available for UK companies for your overseas market research? Contact us for more details.

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To give you the advantage of more informed decision making in today's dynamic markets, Mycon provides a range of intelligence and research services including: Industry and Market Surveys, Customer and Supplier Satisfaction Surveys and Competitor Monitoring and Profiling.

If you're ISO9000 accredited, the standard now requires you to incorporate a measure of customer satisfaction in your business systems. Contact us to find out about our benchmarked programmes.

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