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As each client's circumstances are unique, and the programme's success revolves around the consensus, cooperation and involvement by all participants, each programme is custom designed.

If you would like further details, contact us now to arrange a no obligation, no cost meeting.

Mycon has developed a number of annual retainer programmes that help clients to realise the benefits of marketing consistently over the course of the year, rather than having a 'plug and play' or ad hoc approach in achieving the successful implementation of their marketing plans. Programmes are:



This programme differs from the usual market research service (for example research studies and surveys) in that it is based on the systematic and periodic gathering of data and intelligence specially related to your own markets, sectors and industries to give information and knowledge and to guide clients so that they can establish their current position and also continue to steer in the right direction in the future.


This programme includes all aspects of the Researcher programme, and also incorporates on-site assistance with the implementation of marketing best practice within your organisation, improving the quality and effectiveness of the marketing process, e.g. enquiry and opportunity management, customer relationship management, monthly management reports, and training to develop and enhance the knowledge of your team.


This progamme includes all elements of both the Researcher and Practitioner programmes, but takes the marketing effort to a higher level through strategy workshops, attendance at monthly marketing or management meetings, and networking.

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